NYC Independent Film Festival 2023 Dates, Venue, New Prize

2 min readMay 17, 2023


NYC Independent Film Festival 2023 Dates, Venue, New Prize

Friends, do you like to know about NYCIndieFF 2023? Know NYC Independent Film Festival 2023 dates, venue, a new prize for the winners, history, and mission.

Friends, the 15th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival 2023 is going to start in June 2023. It is also known as NYC Independent Film Festival and NYCIndieFF.

You’ll know everything about it such as what is NYCIndieFF, who founded it, its mission, date, venue, prize, winners, films, and how to buy tickets to participate in this Film Festival in 2023.

What is NYC Independent Film Festival 2023?

The NYC Independent Film Festival 2023 is the 15th Annual New York City Film Festival which is scheduled to be held in June 2023.

It is also known as NYCIndieFF founded by Dennis Cieri and Bonnie Rush in 2009. The festival has screened over 2700 movies from 96 different countries since it started.

NYCIndeieFF says about its mission and opportunities, “The Festival gives filmmakers the opportunity for potential distribution and funding, as well as awarding the top films across numerous categories, all while allowing them to mingle and network with press, supporters, and fans.”

NYCIndieFF says about its vision, “The Festival is focused on a low budget and emerging, yet overlooked filmmakers, bringing their talent to culturally enrich the NYC community. The Festival aims to create the largest gathering of true indie filmmakers.”

Friends, we are very close to the start of so many awards ceremonies like the Gracies Gala 2023, celebrity shows, and film festivals like the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

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Know What are the prizes for the 15th Annual Indie Awards 2023, dates, and venue.




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