How did Cole Bennett use AI to bring Juice WRLD and Slim Shady back to life?


How did Cole Bennett use AI

Friends, Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennet started using AI for music. But do you know why Cole Bennet uses AI for Cordae’s “Doomsday” Music Video? What they think about it and how perfect was its result. Know everything in this post.

Cole Bennett Uses AI to Bring Juice WRLD and Slim Shady Back to Life for Cordae’s “Doomsday” Music Video

In a move that has left fans of Juice WRLD and Eminem stunned, music video director Cole Bennett has used artificial intelligence (AI) to bring the two rappers back to life for a new music video.

The video, for Cordae’s song “Doomsday,” features both Juice WRLD and Slim Shady rapping their verses, even though they both passed away in 2019.

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